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Last year RNLI lifeboats rescued almost 8,000 people, an average of 21 people per day.

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Please note that if both boats are involved in the same service call, it is recorded officially as two shouts. So it might be the case that there is one entry below for two shouts.

e.g. D663 and B808 searched for........

Friday, 15th August B808 launched to assist a sailing dingy with 2 persons on board and a canoeist in difficulties half a mile east of the Zetland Arms at Kingsdown.The lifeboat picked up the 3 casualties from the water and taken on board the lifeboat suffering from mild hypothermia and feeling sea sick.The Lifeboat brought them back to the lifeboat station and handed them over into the care of a waiting ambulance crew.The lifeboat then re launched to recover the dingy and canoe.

Saturday, 9th August B808 launched to report of person trapped on groins at Kingsdown, stood down no assistance required.

Thursday, 31st July B808 launched to assist two people after their 6ft dingy had broken down and left them stranded on the rocks between Kingsdown and St Margarets Bay. The two people were quickly transferred to the safety of the lifeboat and their dingy taken in tow. Both the people and dingy were returned to the beach at St Margarets Bay.

Sunday, 27th July B808 launched to assist after a Mayday call from a sinking 55foot motor barge 3 miles South East of the Dover Western entrance. Once along a crew member was placed on board to assess the situation. A 67 year old lady was found to be suffering from sea sickness and was taken on board the lifeboat along with her pet dog. The two were transferred to the Dover Lifeboat who then towed the vessel back to Dover Harbour,

Thursday, 24th July B808 towed the yacht Tab Nab to Dover harbour after an electrical failure.

Monday, 21st July D663 Assisted a swimmer in difficulty off the North end of Deal.

Wednesday, 18th July D663 Was requested to launch to report of swimmers in trouble, area checked and was found to be pot marker buoys, false alarm good intent

Monday, 21st July D663 Assisted Kent Police with a car under the cliff near Oldstairs Bay.

Wednesday, 2nd July B808launched to assist a kayaker.

Tuesday, 1st July B808 Rescued two people in a plastic dinghy off walmer. individuals were landed at Dover Harbour.

Tuesday, 24th June D663 went to support Kent Police threatening to walk into the sea. No action was needed to be taken.

Tuesday, 10th June D663 and B808 Launched to a point beneath the Dover Patrol Monument (under the white cliffs of Dover) to rescue 4 individuals cut off by the tide. All 4 were safe but sheltering high up the cliff on steep boulders. The crew of B808 saw mobile phone lights and this alerted them to the exact location. D663 approached the foot of the cliff at high water and embarked the 4 men. They were then transferred to the larger Atlantic 85 (B808) and both boats returned to station.

Wednesday, 4th June D663 Was requested to deliver a basket stretcher and 4 crew (one more than normal) to assist with a casualty evacuation from the bottom of Langdon Steps (Langdon Bay). 3 of Walmer's RNLI qualified first aiders assisted first aiders already on scene. The severity of the injuries led to a request for RAF Rescue 125, which winched the casualty aboard for transfer to QEQM hospital in Margate.

D663 Towed local fishing boat Coptic in from 2 cables east of Walmer Castle.

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