Our volunteer crews give up their time and comfort to carry out rescues in difficult and often dangerous conditions.

Denis Brophy Les Coe Bill Ferrier Tony Evans
Lifeboat Operations Manager Boat House Manager Deputy Launch Authority Deputy Launch Authority
Denis joined Walmer lifeboat crew in 1972 and rose to become coxswain of the all-weather lifeboat in 1988. He served as coxswain until the boat was replaced by an Atlantic 21 in May 1990. Denis than became senior helmsman of the new boat until retirement in 1999.He spent a year as deputy launching authority before becoming lifeboat operations manager in August 2000.
Les has the impressive record of over 50 years' service at Walmer station, during which he has held most roles both afloat and on the shore. In 1970 Les was awarded the Thanks of the Institution on Vellum for his part in the rescue of two men cut off by the tide in a cave. Despite his recent 'retirement' from active lifeboat work, he remains at Walmer as the Boat House Manager. Les' son Andy is one of Walmer's helmsmen.
Bill is a retired cross channel ferry captain.
Tony was a helmsman at Walmer and now is now a DLA, tractor driver and Atlantic mechanic. His son James is currently a helmsman.
Logo Andy Coe nic
  Andy Roberts Andrew Coe Nicola Goodban
Treasurer Lifeboat Press Officer Helmsman Helmsman
  Andrew Coe joined the Walmer lifeboat crew in 1988, having spent much of his youth on the beach by the lifeboat station, following in his father's footsteps. Andrew is a commercial vehicle workshop manager during the day and is the D class lifeboat mechanic in his spare time. Andrew has a long service award for 20 years in the RNLI Nicola (Nic) joined the Walmer lifeboat crew in 1997 and became a helmsman in 2004. Nic lives and works close to the sea, being a full-time Coastguard Watch Officer at Dover. Nic received a letter of appreciation from the Operations director for a service in 2000.
Brad Adam Junior James
Brad Rebbeck Adam Cowell Andy Howland James Evans
Helmsman Helmsman Helmsman Helmsman
Brad joined the Walmer lifeboat crew in 2001 and became a helmsman in 2006. Brad lives in Deal with his wife and son. Brad is a full-time fire fighter at Deal Fire Station. Adam has been on the crew at Walmer since 2001. Adam lives in Walmer and is a relief coxswain on the north east spot pilot boats out of Ramsgate. Like many others on the crew, Andy grew up working on the beach at Walmer. He lives in Walmer with his fiance. James Evans is following in his father's footsteps as a crew member at Walmer. He has been a crew member since 2001 and qualified helmsman in 2008
Gary Andrew Murray Steve Emptage Sam Culpin
Garry Pierce Andy Murray Steve Emptage Sam Culpin
Helmsman Crew Member Crew Member Crew Member
Gary has been on the crew since 2004 and has also served as a crew member on Dover Lifeboat. Gary lives in Deal and works as a mechanical engineer for Dover Harbour Board. Andy has been on the crew since 2000. Andy works on a local dairy farm and lives in Walmer with his wife Jess and their baby daughter. Steve has been on the crew since 2001. He lives in Deal and works as a car body work specialist. Sam has been a member of the crew since 2004. Sam works as a Police Officer and lives in Walmer with his wife.
Justin Dave Colin James
Justin Garlinge Dave Mitchell Colin Varrall James Salmon
Crew member Crew member and LTC Crew member Crew member
Justin has been a member of the crew since 2005. Justin works for HM Revenue and Customs and enjoys a game of rugby in his spare time. Dave has been a crew member since 2006 and is currently the Lifeboat Training Coordinator. Dave works in London as an IT specialist and lives in Walmer with his wife and two children. Colin has been at Walmer since 2006 and works as a paramedic. James joined the crew in 2006. James works as a machinery instructor/assessor and part time DJ. He lives in Deal his wife and young son.
Jim Dan Suit Logo Suit Logo
Jim Richards Dan Sinclair Lee Waddon Ed Benson
Crew Member Helmsman Crew Member Crew Member
Jim is an Immigration Officer and lives in North Deal with his wife and two children. Jim has been a crew member since 2007 Dan is a self employed handy man. Dan Lives in Kingsdown and joined the crew in 2008 Lee is a manager at the local Leisure Centre Ed is a local Letting Agent
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Calib Ward Dan Richards    
Crew Member Crew Member    
default Chris Vic Suite Logo
Andy Worwood Chris Brophy Victoria Brophy Ian Packman
Shore Crew Shore Crew Shore Crew Shore Crew
Andrew joined the RNLI in 1966 as a shorehelper and took the up following posts over the next 43 years; ILB crew, Ast. Winchman, Lifeboat crew, Winchman, Atlantic and ILB Helm, Tractor Driver and Station Training Coordinator. At 45 he became solely a tractor driver and at the age of 60 in 2009 reverted back to being a shore helper. Andrew received a 20 year long service medal in 1986, Certificate of Service in 1994 and The Queens Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002. Andrew holds the following two local records, most persons rescued at one time in the Atlantic lifeboat which is 11 persons and the other for going on 3 shouts (as Helm) in one day.
Chris was a member of the lifeboat crew between 1988 - 2003. Chris now volunteers as the Tractor Driver and Mechanic.
Vic became a crew member in 2003. In 2007 she became a shore helper and in 2008 the Lifeboat Training coordinator. She works as a research scientist and is married to Chris.
Ian started his RNLI career in 1976 with a 4 year stint as a shore helper. This was followed by 10 years of service as crew and ultimately helmsmen on Walmer's D Class lifeboats, receiving a certificate of service in 1990. Rejoing the lifeboat station in 2008 Ian is currently a tractor driver and shore helper once again. Ian lives in Walmer and works at the Walmer and Kingsdown golf club
Daniel Suit Logo Suit Logo Suit Logo
Daniel Martin Tony Nash Andy Fisher Will Thomson
Shore Crew Shore Crew Shore Crew Shore Crew
Daniel lives near Faversham but attends the station on exercise launches.      
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Martin Perks      
Shore Crew      








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