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Kite Surfer in Trouble off Walmer Castle - April 2010

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The D class launched on Monday, 6th April for a kite surfer in difficulty half a mile off Walmer Castle. We launched at 13.21 and the job only took half an hour with James Evans as helm with Sam and Dan forming the crew. The kite surfer was reported by another person out on the water (either a kite surfer or a wind surfer) who not only phoned Coastguard, but also came along to the Lifeboat Station to explain what was happening. John Turgoose spoke to the first informant afterwards who told him that the man's kite had collapsed into the water and that it was the type that does not inflate. He could not get the kite up out of the water and in all probability the "strings" became entangled. The kite surfer was trying to swim for the shore when our team found him. A fishing vessel had the casualty in sight and was standing by.

Article by John Turgoose and Dave Mitchell.

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