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Tamar at Walmer! Well almost

Radio Course picture

Tamar class lifeboat 16-07 Lester was on passage from its station at Cromer to Poole depot on Sunday, 10th August. The Donald McLauchlan was exercising off St Margaret's when an 'op's normal' was heard between 16-07 and Dover Coastguard. 16-07 was using its lifeboat number as its call sign, rather than the normal recognition name when operating in its home waters around Cromer. Dover Lifeboat was also in the vicinity and both boats formatted on the fast moving Tamar. Unfortunately Lester was on a tight schedule and was unable to slow for a more prolonged meeting. Crew afloat and shore helpers where able to witness the impressive sea keeping capabilities of the Tamar at 20 knots as it passed down through the Gull Stream, the Downs, onto St Margaret's and Dover.


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