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A Typical Sunday Morning Excercise - March 2008

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Both lifeboats where on exercise 2 March 2008.  The Sunday morning saw a good turnout by the crew and shore helpers so there where plenty of hands to help launch.  Matt helmed the Donald Mclauchlan with Emma, Lucy and Lou. Gary was driving the tractor under Chris Brophy's supervision. The launch of the boat was uneventful, however, extraction of the tractor was a little different to normal.




Recent movement of shingle on the beach had dumped pea-sized stones directly in line with our launch site and the tractor quickly bogged down in the unstable conditions soon after launch. The tractor has a winch attached to the back and this was unwound and attached to a ring at the top of the beach. The wire, once freed from the spool, rapidly increases in weight.




This delayed the launch of the Duggie Rodbard for a few minutes. The steep angle of the beach helped with the removal of the boat from the trailer and for the final push to get the boat floating in the shallows. James I helmed with James II and Chris Chevis as crew.  The extent of the exercise area was between Walmer Castle, Deal Pier and the Deal Bank buoy, 1 nautical mile east from the boat house.





A crew change between Chris and Martyn was performed mid-way through the exercise. The lazy waves 'dumping' on the beach are a common phenomena at Walmer.





Recovery of the D Class lifeboat at Walmer, as described in the Lifeboat section of this website.

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