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Last year RNLI lifeboats rescued almost 8,000 people, an average of 21 people per day.

Service Calls 2013



15 Shouts this year so far

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Please note that if both boats are involved in the same service call, it is recorded officially as two shouts. So it might be the case that there is one entry below for two shouts.

e.g. D663 and B808 searched for........

28th December B808 towed a fishing trip boat back to Ramsgate.

6th September B815 Launched to aid two swimmers who were stranded at the foot of Deal pier head steps.

5th August B815 launched to assist a broken down rib off Kingsdown. The vessel had been anchored all night until spotted at first light.

4th August D663 and B815 launched to investigate a dinghy and a speed boat off Deal beach. The speed boat did not need any assistance, but the dinghy was assisted back to the beach.

28th July B815 Launched to investigate a canoe adrift north of Deal pier, a search was performed by no casualties were found.

19th July D663 and B815 (relief Lifeboat Peterborough Beer Festival) Launched to assist 3 kayaks and their occupants off the Butts at Kingsdown. Conditions were difficult to return to Oldstairs bay safely so the three individuals were dropped off at Walmer lifeboat station along with their kayaks.

15th July B808 assisted a disabled yacht 14 miles east of Walmer. The yachts propeller was fouled leading to a tow to Ramsgate. Shout duration 4 hours.

12th July B815 launched to investigate an EPIRB (a water or manually activated radio distress beacon, carried on vessels to notify emergency services of a sinking or a man-overboard). The signal was emitting from the Downs but was a false alarm inadvertantly triggered by lifejacket maintenance.

14th April D663 Self Launched to assist a small vessel in trouble off the beach at Walmer. Boat and crew were returned to the beach safely.

26th March B808 Launched to assist a commercial vessel on the outer edge of the goodwin Sands. Initial difficultieswere overcomeby the boats crew and Walmer lifeboat escorted the boat to Dover harbour. See Walmer RNLI video

16th February D663 and B808 Launched to search for a missing kayaker. One had been seen in the vicinity of Deal pier, but had not been seen to return to the beach in failing light. An extensive search off the North end of Deal was performed with Coastguard teams on the shore. No kayaker was found, and the lifeboats were stood down.

4th January D663 Launched to assist Kent Police with an incident at Deal Pier. No action necessary other that a small search of the pier area.


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