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Last year RNLI lifeboats rescued almost 8,000 people, an average of 21 people per day.

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27 Shouts this year so far

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Please note that if both boats are involved in the same service call, it is recorded officially as two shouts. So it might be the case that there is one entry below for two shouts.

e.g. D663 and B808 searched for........

10th November B808 towed a broken down yacht Prestige to Dover Harbour from a mile and a half off the Walmer lifeboat station. The vessel weighing 25 tons and 36 feet in length towed well in light swells.

14th October D663 was tasked to help a becalmed kite surfer just north of Deal pier. The surfer was heavily wrapped up in his rigging as he swam to shore. The RNLI crew helped untangle the knotted line from his leg

13th October D663 Launched to a report of a person in the water near Deal pier, before assistance could be offered the individual had been retrieved from the water by the police.

27th September B808 was involved in a shoreline search with Coastguard rescue teams and the Police for an individual between Kingsdown and the Sandwich Bay estate. The Person was found away from the beach by the Police.

9th September B808 towed a broken down speed boat from Walmer to Dover. Conditions were choppy around the Eastern entrance of Dover Harbour, otherwise the service was uneventful.

23rd August D663 assists a wind surfer becalmed beneath the Dover Patrol Memorial.

23rd August D663 assists two German tourists cut off by the tide beneath the Dover Patrol Memorial and assists a your swimmer and an adult swimming off St Margaret's. The young girl, a confident swimmer had clung to a channel marker and was not prepared to swim back to shore.

22nd August D663 attended a potential incident involving two kayaker's, no assistance required.

14th August D663 rescued a teenager with a broken ankle at the Butts. A 20 foot fall and no assistance led to an hours wait until a passing fishing vessel spotted the waving of the individual. Once the ILB was on scene the tide was some distance from the incident and a stretcher needed to be lowered to the foreshore from Deal Coastguard rescue team. A trip to hosipital confirmed the break.

5th August D663 rescued a Shrimper cut off by the tide, south of the Butts at Oldstairs Bay. The individual was landed at Kingsdown Village unharmed.

26th July D663 and B808 Launched to assist in the search for a rubber dinghy with 3 teenagers adrift off Ramsgate at 2215 hrs. A multi vessel search was performed in Pegwell Bay with Ramsgate's Atlantic 75 B765 Bob Turnbull and the Trent class All weather lifeboat Esme Anderson acting as On Scene Coordinator. Rescue 125 was also scrambled as the search proved fruitless. The individuals were located in Ramsgate town in the early hours of Friday morning and the search was called off.

8th July B808 Launched in excellent conditions between the showers to a broken down 21 foot motor vessel used for fishing. The vessel was towed to Dover Harbour.

5th July D663 Was requested to help swimmers in the water near Deal pier. Information that was passed to the lifeboat was that the individuals has swum out after a dog. Dog and swimmers were safely back on shore when the Duggie Rodbard arrived on scene.

24th June B808 As requested to assist a broken down vessel in Sandwich Bay resutling in a tow to Ramsgate harbour..

12th June B808 responded to a mayday call, received by Dover Coastguard, from the yacht Paddy Wack. The yacht with a crew of 6 was bouncing on the Brake Sands in the early hours. Whilst taking part in a race from Southend Pier to Portland the vessel had ventured into shallow water north of Deal. Once in trouble the motor was started but a line had fouled the propeller leading to the call. Walmer's Atlantic 85 arrived on scene within 15 minutes of the alarm being raised, towed the vessel into deeper water and then to Ramsgate harbour.. The Donald Mclauchlan returned to Walmer and was back in the boat house ready for service within 2 and a half hours.

11th June B808 was tasked to tow a broken down dive boat to Dover harbour. The vessel was near to the Dover straits traffic separation scheme and potentially could have become a navigation hazard to other shipping in the straits.

31st May D663 was dispatched to assist a motor launch that was believed to be dragging its anchor. It turned out ot be a false alarm but with good intent.

30th May D663 Launched to provide assistance to a swimmer in trouble north of Deal pier. The D class launched in 5 minutes with a crew of 2 as the Coastguard requested a quick response. The swimmer managed to make the shore unaided.

30th May D663 Launched to recover a canoe that had been pushed off the beach.

13th May B808 was on routine exercise when a broken down jet sky was spotted in the Downs. The crew took the jet sky on tow and met up with Ramsgate's B765 in Sandwich Bay which was also on exercise in the area. B765 intended to take the tow back to the port of origin, Joss Bay. B808 returned to Walmer.

7th May D663 Launched to search for a missing dog in the area of the Dover Patrol Memorial. Unfortunately the dog was found at the foot of the cliff.

21st April D663 was requested to search for a missing dog in the vicinity of the cliffs beneath the Dover Patrol memorial at St Margaret's. Unfortunately the dog was found at the foot of the cliff but had not survived the ordeal.

12th April D663 Launched to assist with the location of a missing person. The individual was found safe and well inland.

14th March B808 Launched on the report that there was someone in the water in the vacinity of the SW Sandettie buoy, some 14 miles East from Walmer and only a couple of miles from the Sandettie light vessel. The City of London II from Dover was also dispatched, as was Rescue 125 from RAF Wattisham. The Donald Mclauchlan was first on scene, having been visually assisted over the final mile by the merchant vessel Edenborg, picked the diver up unharmed and returned him to his dive boat.

7th March D663 Assisted Dover Lifeboat's Y boat to retrieve a body from the foot of the cliffs near Crab Bay. 6 foot waves breaking on the boulder field at low tide made conditions difficult but manageable. The Severn class City of London II escorted The Duggie Rodbard back to Walmer after nightfall following a quick detour into Dover Harbour.

28th January D663 was launched to search for a dog that had gone missing near the Dover Patrol Monument. The fear was that the dog had fallen off the cliff. An extensive search along the foot of the cliff was fruitless. Due to the fact that the tide was high, a search out to sea was also performed with the ILB using drift prediction data from the coastguard based at Dover. The Langdon mobile coastguard unit helped search from the cliff top. Unfortunately the dog was not found.


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