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Last year RNLI lifeboats rescued almost 8,000 people, an average of 21 people per day.

Service Calls 2011



38 Shouts for the year

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Please note that if both boats are involved in the same service call it is recorded officially as two shouts. So it might be the case that there is one entry below for two shouts.

e.g. D663 and B808 searched for........

1st January D663 Launched to assist with the rescue of people involved in a cliff fall west of St Margaret's Bay. The incident occured at lunchtime on New Years day.

5th March B808 Launched to a mayday call from the yacht Gratitude aground on the Goodwin Sands. The 33 ft yacht was escorted by the Donald Mclauchlan to Dover harbour.

10th April D663 Was stood down whilst ready to push off from the beach. The casualty had reached the shore unassisted.

10th April D663 Launched mid afternoon for two men stranded by the tide under the cliffs at St Margarets Bay. Both men were returned safely and uninjured, but a bit wet to the beach.

23rd April B808 Launched to assist a 10 metre yacht with engine difficulties close to the East Goodwin Lightship, 7 miles due east of Walmer. The vessell was towed to Ramsgate without incident.

23rd April D663 Was requested to help a kayaker who had fallen out of his kayak.

8th May D663 Was launched to the aid of a small sailing dinghy. The vessell had capsized on a number of occasions causing serious damage to its mast. The crew of two were cold but in good spirits. The dinghy was beached at Walmer after the crew had been dropped off at Kingsdown.

10th May D663 Assisted Kent Police and Dover Lifeboat recover a body between St Margarets and Dover harbour.

14th May B808 launched to assist a large yacht aground on the northern edge of the South Caliper (southern section of the Goodwin Sands). Both yacht and lifeboat were visible from the boat house with the aid of binoculars.

1st June B808 Was called to assist two vessels involved in a collision 6.5 nautical miles North West of Cap Gris-Nez, 17 miles due south of Walmer. The RAF helicopter was first on scene winching 3 crew members aboard one vessel near to sinking. Walmer lifeboat assisted The Maid of Unst and escorted it back to Dover, whilst Dover Lifeboat towed the other vessel stern first back to harbour. Calais and Boulogne lifeboats also launched. Walmer lifeboat was on scene 30 minutes after launching. being able to maintain 35 knots for the entire 17 miles.

19th June B808 Was on routine exercise when it was called upon to aid a small vessel that had caught a rope around the propeller in the area on the Marne rocks. The rocks are located off the beach near Deal Castle.

23rd June D663 Was launched for the dog in trouble.

4th July B808 Launched to assist a yacht with engine difficulty. The 8.5 metre vessel was towed to Dover.

10th July B808 Was requested by the Coastguard to retrieve 3 people in an inflatable dinghy which was being blown off shore.

24th July D663 Retrieved a raft that had been pushed afloat after the local raft race had finished. There were no crew on board.

24th July D663 Launched for a second time to another raft, but this time 4 youths were on board. No lifejackets or paddles were taken afloat and the individuals were aledged to be under the influence of alcohol.

26th July D663 Launched to the rescue of a diver 300 metres east of the Timeball tower. The diver was recovered and returned to his buddy on the beach.

28th July D663 Was launched to search for a dog missing in the St Margaret's Bay area. Soon after launch the search was called off.

8th August D663 and B808 Were involved in a search for a missing person reportedly in the water in the Kingsdown area. After 45 minutes of searching the shoreline in a thunderstorm, during the early hours, the missing person was found safe on land away from the search area.

9th August D663 was tasked to an incident in Sandwich bay. A rider had been thrown from her horse on the sands and the horse bolted out to sea. A Walmer helmsman, familiar with horses was able to attach a line to the horse and bring it back to the shore safely.

9th August D663 was called on for a second time to investigate a well intentioned call from the public regarding a small vessel not under command. The vessel was overtaken, but no assistance was necessary.

14th August D663 Launched to retrieve two people clinging to a special marker buoy off Kingsdown. They had failed to swim back to their speed boat having swam ashore earlier in the day. They had underestimated the strength of the tide and were tired. The speed boat was towed to the Lifeboat station.

14th August B808 Launched to aid a dinghy off the Butts south of Kingsdown. The engine had failed and the dinghy was being swept along the coast towards St Margarets. The owner phoned the Coastguard before they entered a notorious mobile communications blackspot under the cliffs.

18th August D663 and B808 Performed a shoreline search along the North Deal beach looking for 3 people who had entered the water early in the morning. Both boats were very quickly on scene and a comprehensive search drew no sightings. It is believed that the individuals left the water soon after entering.

4th September D663 and B808 Assisted Kent Police by encouraging an individual from the water south of Deal Pier.

9th September D663 Assisted Kent Police search for a missing person.

10th September D663 Launched to recover a person from the steps of Deal pier. The individual had entered the water, but had been helped on to the steps by a quick acting fisherman. The flight of steps are incomplete and so the Duggie Rodbard ferried the individual to the beach.

14th September D663 and B803 relief lifeboat William Hurst assisted Kent Police in the recovery of an individual from the foot of cliffs near St Margaret's Bay.

25th September B803 relief lifeboat William Hurst was requested to investigate an empty kayak that was spotted passing under Deal Pier just after midnight on the Sunday morning. No occupants were found once the kayak was located and after a search to the north of the pier, no evidence could be found that anyone had been in the vessel that evening and were now in the water. Conditions were still with good visibility but moonless.

1st October D663 Launched to assist a 12 foot boat that had suffered an engine fire. The fire was out when The Duggie Rodbard had come alone side. The vessell was towed to Kingsdown.

2nd October D663 assisted a swimmer off the local sailing club. The swimmer was suffering from the cold and had cramp in both legs. The casualty was warmed up at the boat house pending the arrival of an ambulance.

15th October B803 launched to assist Beat 2 Quarters. The 26 foot vessel was suffering engine problems that were fixed at sea whlist the Wiliam Hurst stood by. B803 escorted Beat 2 Quarters to Dover harbour.

27th December B803 Launched to assist a fishing vessel that had suffered an electrical fault whilst anchored of Deal pier. The William Hurst towed Reel Hassle to its berth at Ramsgate, some 7 nm distant.

28th December B803 Assisted Dover lifeboat complete a comprehensive search of the Downs between Walmer Castle and St Margarets Bay after reports of red flares being seen possibly as far as 3 miles off shore. RAF Seaking helicopter Rescue 125 also joined the search from RAF Wattisham but nothing was found. Total time afloat for Walmer lifeboat was appoximately 4 hours the boat house closed down at 3 a.m. on the morning of the 29th December.

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