Fundraising is vital for the RNLI. Each year, thousands of volunteers lend their time and talents, taking part in all sorts of events including races, coffee mornings, beach football competitions and sponsored runs.

Lifeboat Open Day 2011

Walmer's D-663 Duggie Rodbard and the B-808 Donald McLauchlan are joined by Ramsgate's Trent class lifeboat the Esme Anderson, Polar Bear (a local fishing boat) and a kayak. On the beach we were treated to a high line rescue by the Fire brigade, and tours of the East Kent NHS Trusts latest Ambulance, model lifeboat collection and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue unit.

Photographs by Tommy Mitchell.


In 2011 we made a big effort to vary the activities we displayed so that it would be as interesting as possible and fluid, in otherwords we tried not to have any breaks in the programme.


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