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Last year RNLI lifeboats rescued almost 8,000 people, an average of 21 people per day.

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22nd September B808 was called to an incident off the Goodwin Fork buoy. A kayaker has fallen in, but had managed to climb back into the kayak by the time the Donald Mclauchlan arrived on scene. No action was necessary.

12th September D663 Launched to retrieve a crashed microlight plane pilot from a ship anchored off Walmer. The pilot had ditched in the Downs and had been picked up by a lifeboat from the dredger Britannia Beaver anchored near the Deal Bank Buoy. The pilot was returned to the beach by B808, whilst D663 searched for wreckage off Kingsdown. Once the pilot was handed over to the ambulance service, he had suspected mild hypothermia, B808 relaunched to take part in the search. No wreckage was found and the comprehensive search was called off.

1st September D663 was called to assist with the location of a missing person who was feared to have fallen off the cliff at Kingsdown in the vicinity of the local landmake called The Butts. A shoreline search involving RNLI crew, the Coastguard, Kent Police and the Kent Ambulance service commenced. The missing person was found alive and well wandering away from the foot of the cliff.

31st August B808 Launched to investigate a report made to the Coastguard regarding a small dinghy anchored on the east side of the Goodwin Sands. After a discussion with the crew no further action was required.

9th August D663 launched to an incident involving 2 rowing sculls off North Deal. Both rowers had made it back to shore safely by the time the Ruggie Rodbard had reached the scene.

25th July B808 was diverted from supporting the Deal Regatta Raft race to assist a yacht aground on the North Sand Head. The Moonlight Shadow, a 44ft Belgium yacht was firmly aground when the Donald Mclaughlan arrived on scene. Walmer's lifeboat stood by for over two hours before handing over to Ramsgate's Bob Turnball, which in turn waited for Ramsgate's all weather lifeboat Emse Anderson to pull the yacht of the sands as the tide rose. The crew of B808 had been afloat for over 5 hours upon returning to station.

5th July D663 Launched to undertake a shoreline search in Langdon Bay. It was believed that someone might have fallen off the cliff. Coastguard mobile units searched the top of the cliff, whilst the Duggie Rodbard searched the shore. Nothing was found. The initial report had been made in good faith by the Coastguard from their watch room at Langdon Battery.

28th June B808 Launched (3.36 a.m.) to the report from Deal Pier master, that teenagers had entered the water from the pier. D663 also launched in case a search was necessary. On arriving on scene the individuals were seen walking up the beach.

15th May B808 Launched to the report of a person in the water. A passing yacht picked up the casualty and returned him to the beach, no assistance was required.

6th April D663 Launched to the aid of a kite surfer in difficulty a half mile off Walmer Castle. The kite surfer was unable to relaunch his kite and was swimming to the shore.

20th February B808 Launched to the aid of a 35 foot Cabin cruiser Maid of Unst suffering an electrical failure a mile NE of Sandown Castle. The vessel and 4 crew were towed to Dover.

20th February D663 Launched to assist a small fishing dingy Real Deal with an engine failure 1 mile off north Deal. The vessel and two crew were towed to Kingsdown.

19th February B808 Launched to the aid of the fishing vessel Garry Anne. The vessel had broken down 3.5 miles SE of Walmer lifeboat station. A tow was secured and the boat was returned to Deal beach.

8th February B808 Launched to investigate the occupancy of a stranded digger that had been driven below the high water mark at Sandwich Bay. The driver was assumed to have abandoned the digger earlier before the tide rose.

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