Launches & Call Outs

Last year RNLI lifeboats rescued almost 8,000 people, an average of 21 people per day.

Service Calls 2007


30th January - B808 Towed Ramsgate fishing vessel back to Ramsgate

9th June - B808 Towed Small fishing vessel back to Ramsgate

9th July - B808 Refloated Gary Ann from beach at Kingsdown

9th July - D663 Assisted B808 as above

17th July - D663 Search for missing person

17th July - B808 Stood down when leaving carriage

8th August - B808 Launched to report of red flares nothing found.

9th August - B808 Launched to take 2 Paramedics to a Dutch Yacht.

12th August - B808 Launched for missing jet skier.

12th August - D663 Launched for missing jet skier

19th August - D663 Report of small boat in trouble

26th August - B808 Report of 2 Boats in trouble

20th October - B808 Towed 30 Foot motor/sailing boat to Ramsgate

3rd November - B808 Report of Red Flares nothing found

3rd November - D663 Report of Person in the water

4th November - B808 Towed 30 foot vessel to Ramsgate

Total for Year - 16

Walmer launch three times in a weekend , November 2007

Walmer crew where called out three times in one weekend in early November 2007. The first instance was for red flares fired in the vicinity of the Walmer shoreline at approximately 2.45 a.m. The flares were seen by a large commercial vessel on passage through the Gull Stream who then informed the Coastguard. Walmer's Atlantic 85 the Donald McLauchlan was launched to investigate and after a search in the vicinity. With eye-witness accounts collected from night fishermen on Deal pier and at Walmer Castle by the Coastguard, the search was called off and labeled a hoax.

That afternoon Walmer's D Class lifeboat launched to a report of a person in difficulty off the beach near to the Timeball Tower, a local landmark. The Duggie Rodbard was on scene within 6 minutes of the call being taken, fortunately a member of the public has dragged the casualty to the shore and an ambulance crew where also in attendance. Just as the Duggie Rodbard was dropping a crew member on the beach an RAF Sea King appeared to the south. RAF 127 had been exercising near Dover and the Coast Guard vectored the flight to the incident. The ambulance crew requested that the casualty be airlifted to the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate. The Sea King landed on the beach, dropping off the winchman who assessed the condition of the casualty. Soon after the casualty and winchman where taken aboard and left for Margate.

The following afternoon (Sunday) a fishing boat made a call to the Coastguard reporting engine trouble a mile of Deal pier. The Donald McLauchlan was launched and towed the vessel to Ramsgate.

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